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 Welcome to True Self Awakening, a counseling service dedicated to helping you awaken to deeper levels of self-awareness, personal growth, and healing


What is the True Self?

Your True Self is the Essence and Spirit of you.  It is the all-encompassing Love that you are.  It is the space within you that contains your innate Wisdom, and provides you with Higher Guidance. The True Self gets hidden or buried as we try to survive in the world.  This sense of survival, or ego-mind gets activated in our childhood experiences and carries over into adulthood in the form of unconscious patterns/behaviors that create mental, physical, and relationship difficulties


Our Work Together is About Helping You To: 

  • Re-connect to the Truth of who you are by revealing the ways your true nature has become hidden through your childhood dynamics, attachment wounds, and past traumas

  • Replace old survival strategies of the ego-mind with Inner Wisdom and Love so you can learn to trust yourself, and heal patterns that no longer serve you

  • Experience deep healing and freedom from traumatic wounding so you feel more resilient, motivated, and ultimately at peace in your life 


Let’s begin our journey together in connecting to your True Self  

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