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Listening to the Voice of the True Self or Ego

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Making decisions can feel difficult for some of us. It may be 'simple' decisions like what product or service to buy. Or it may be more life-altering decisions.

Some of us may feel paralyzed when it comes to the decision-making process. Often, this has to do with how we came to decision-making in our younger years. If our choices and decisions were filtered through doubt by our care-givers, and if they questioned every decision we made out of their own fears, we internalized these fears. Consequently, this made us question ourselves needlessly after each decision, even when we became of an age when the voice of our care-givers did not have the same impact any more.

The over-cautious voice of our care-givers is quite parallel to the voice of the 'ego'. Think of the ego as a survival mechanism we developed as very young people to help us stay safe. Often, the voice of our care-givers and our ego's voice became enmeshed. They sound very similar. Their basis is always one of fear in order to keep us safe.

However, there comes a point in our adult lives when these voices do the opposite of keep us safe. They hinder. They can even harm because they leave us with very little self-confidence. After all, how can we be confident in our decision-making if we are filled with self-doubts in the form of "should I...what if...".

This is where the True Self needs to step in. But who and what is the True Self?

It is the voice of your internal guidance system. A system not based on fear or doubt but on your innate wisdom, which each of us has. Unfortunately, it has been drowned out from years of doubt and egoic/fearful thinking.

So how does one access the True Self and trust it is the voice of true guidance?

The True Self is not fearful. It is gentle and can easily be missed if not tuned into. To connect, it is essential to come from a place of quietude. Perhaps in the wee hours of the morning, before the world wakes up, or your family members for that matter! Taking some time in a cozy seat, warm cup of tea or coffee in hand, just listening to your own rhythmic breathing. Allowing peace to wash over you. Taking in the warmth of the present, quiet moment. And then imagining yourself going upward in your consciousness, whatever that looks like, or feels like for you.

Some people may picture the clouds above. Some imagine going up in a beautiful glass elevator, watching the world fall away. And from this higher vantage, connecting with the part of you that is no longer tangled in the web of confusion and disillusionment below. From this higher vantage, the still knowing comes in that assures you, you are safe, you are wise, and you are loved. This is a glimmer of your True Self stepping forward, to hold you in love and comfort. From this vantage, just allow yourself to feel held, comforted, reassured. You don't need to be scanning for active answers or messages. Just be. Allow. Surrender to being held in love.

And when you are ready to come back to start your day, trust that your internal guidance system has awoken and will direct you to only what is for your Highest Good. This guidance may be in the form of signs that coincidently fall on your path, or messages you tune into as your day unfolds.

So you see, true listening takes many forms. It's a matter of what voice you want to tune into: the voice of fear, which is the ego's domain, or, the voice of your True Self, which always comes from love.

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